In china, there are almost 1 hundred million 0 to 6 years’ old baby, 1.5 million’s new born baby each year and the birth rate keeps high until 2020. The potential early childhood education market is very promising. From the statistics, until 2010, there is a USD 4.5 billion market. The early childhood education business started quite late, there is only 30% developed market share; the remaining profit space is still tremendous.


Social community

People could share pictures, articles, activities, comments to the toys and more.

Audio clip push and real time communication

The online music resources could be pushed to the toys. Bidirectional communication between the kids and parents via smart phones.

Platform support

Massive user data accumulation which could create business value and the business model could evolve.











   10-7=3  -》 利差、分成(内容、电商、支付)、广告等,应对跨界低成本硬件









4 in 1:


hardware, platform, application and Content.



Based on IOT application level module, the early childhood kids’ toys are connected through UART with standard communication protocol. The toys could be controlled with the smart phones and the data is collected.


Adopts SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), supports data, voice, video and instant messaging. Supports penetration. Implemented the interaction among the manufacturer, user and devices.

  1. Supports remote operation: audio play on request, voice interaction, timer, remotely set power on/off
  2. Social community: it works like Facebook, twitter …

Music channel, FM radio, online education channel, stocks market information, etc.


Hardware integration with standard protocol, data penetration and we provide SDK for third party’s development.



IOT application module

  1. Protocol supported: Wi-Fi, ZigBee, power line carrier
  2. Easy-Config
  3. Remote firmware upgrading
  4. LAN p2p communication
  5. Embedded complete cloud communication protocol stack
  6. Complete timer and clock interface.


Universal M2M cloud platform

  1. Independent deployment is feasible
  2. User and device authentication
  3. Remote intercommunication
  4. Database is supported. API is provided
  5. Device failure status monitoring. Alarm signal forwarding
  6. Supports social networking. One click for maintenance
  7. User data statistics analysis
  8. Integration with contents from the internet (such as weather, music channel, etc.)


Developer SDK

  1. Supports ios and Android
  2. Supports social application SDK
  3. Supports community application SDK